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A roof with a leak can cause a great amount of damage inside of a home if it is not quickly detected and repaired by a Grand Rapids roofing company. Fortunately, a homeowner can track down a leak if they know what to look for during their inspection.

The signs of a leak are not always as obvious as hearing or seeing dripping water, but water leaks will leave clues as to their whereabouts. Signs that a leak has occurred in a home may include discolored patches on drywall or areas that are wet or stained. This may be seen on ceilings, floors or walls. Also, areas that start to bulge or have paint that is peeling may be an indication that water is leaking.

If any of these signs appear inside of a home, homeowners who can access their attic should go up there to see if they can locate the origin of a leak. If sunlight is coming through cracks in the ceiling, water can come through as well. Homeowners should illuminate every nook and cranny to check for wetness and stains. One clue that may help an investigator is the smell of musty wood.

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A musty odor will often accompany water that is interacting with wood or drywall.

After the attic has been investigated, a homeowner may find a leak, but it may not be the only leak. They can take the investigation further and check out the shingles on the roof. This is easier if a homeowner has a partner who can stay inside of the attic and assist the homeowner during the investigation. While on the roof, a homeowner can take a garden hose and spray it on shingles where they believe a leak has occurred. The person inside of the attic should be able to see if excess amounts of water spill through to the inside.

Another step that can be taken once a person believes that they have found the culprit for a leak is to actually remove shingles that are in the immediate vicinity of where water is coming through the roof. This should show where there is some deterioration on underlayment or on the decking.

Some areas on a roof will be more susceptible to forming a leak. When a person is on top of the roof and searching for problem areas, they should look around the edges of structures such as chimneys, roof vents or dormer windows. Improper sealing around these structures is often the cause of a leak.

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