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Houses built in the early to mid 1900s are often under insulated. Even if they had the standard amount of insulation for the time, today's standards are even higher. The existing insulation may have deteriorated past the point of usefulness, necessitating its removal and replacement with more durable and efficient materials. By working with an experienced Grand Rapids roofing service, property owners can make sure that their older homes are properly and safely insulated.

During renovations of homes built before the 1970s, roofers or other contractors might discover old asbestos insulation. Encapsulation is the treatment of choice for this material. Although the homeowners might need to leave the residence while the work is done, once the asbestos is encapsulated, it will be safe. The fibers are only hazardous when airborne. New insulation can be installed around the encapsulated materials in order to increase the roof's or wall's R value.

Homes built in the 1970s may have urea and formaldehyde foam insulation within the attic's ceilings and walls. When exposed to water or high humidity levels, the material may release toxic gases. A local environmental testing service can check for such vapors before any renovating takes place.

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Using experienced roofing contractors to inspect the premises, identify the materials and safely remove them is the safest solution for structures containing this old material.

Before insulation is installed into an older home, air sealing should take place. Sealing small gaps and cracks with caulk and sprayed in foam helps to stop unwanted air infiltration from outside. Air sealing and insulating are processes that work best when done together, especially for older homes.

Homes in Michigan need more insulation than those located in milder parts of the country. Roofers often recommend materials that have high R values such as spray foam and loose fill. These materials are easy to install in older homes that are not undergoing a total renovation. If any old knob and tube wiring is still live, no loose fill insulation should be used. Electricians can remove this old wiring or homeowners can choose a different material. If walls are being demolished, foam core boards and batts may be used.

The home's attic is a great place to start insulating. The attic's ceiling, which faces the roof, can even have radiant barriers put into place. These stop the sun's heat from affecting the attic space. Roofers will be careful that insulation doesn't cover up the home's ventilation or moisture control systems as this could create air flow problems throughout the structure.

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