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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Importance Of Attic Ventilation

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Proper ventilation of a roofing system is important. It has an effect on a roof's lifespan, energy efficiency and effectiveness at preventing common problems. Although it may not have a massive impact in any of these factors, the combined effect of good roof ventilation makes it a recommended requirement when it comes to home design. A Grand Rapids roofing company will be equipped to determine how well optimized a home's ventilation really is.

Unless an attic is sealed and conditioned, building codes require them to be ventilated as do many warranty requirements. Ventilation deals with moisture and temperature. A properly ventilated attic will be cooler and less humid than one that isn't. The problems typically associated with ventilation could be from the original installation or poor design concepts used when a house is first built.

Houses with improper ventilation can be relatively easy to spot. If a building has multiple kinds of exhausts sticking out of the roof, chances are it was designed with dated concepts based around convection: concepts that have since been proven ineffective.

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Variable exhausts are a greater threat to themselves than they are tools for good ventilation as they run the risk of short circuiting themselves while they are trying to work. If a house has turbine vents that aren't spinning, they are likely installed at an improper angle. The placement and presence of intake vents on a house deserve equal attention as they may bring quantities of air from the wrong sources otherwise.

When all aspects of roof ventilation are installed correctly and working at their absolute best, four things are accomplished. First, vents reduce the chance of condensation building up underneath the roof. Second, they keep temperatures consistent, increasing the lifespan of the shingles above them. They positively affect cooling bills in the summer and help prevent the formation of ice dams in the winter. Ventilation alone will not have as dramatic an effect on these eventualities as other factors will but in combination with other strong roof maintenance habits will benefit homeowners in the long run.

Quick fixes for attic ventilation are not recommended. Powered fans are a somewhat popular trend, but the energy required to keep them running is consistently higher than the amount needed to simply leave an improperly ventilated attic as it is. To get the best ventilation for a house, the smart thing to do is have mistakes fixed and insulation checked on a regular basis.

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