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Hailstorms are one of the most common causes of weather related roof damage. Even hailstones the size of dimes can cause the granules to fall off asphalt shingles, while larger stones may penetrate through the roof's shingles, tiles or shakes, making large holes and causing premature roof failure. In addition to causing problems with the roof's surface, hail also affects the gutters. Homeowners can work with a local Grand Rapids roofing expert to identify signs of hail damage and fix the rain gutter system before any leaks develop.

The most obvious sign of hail damage on the metal parts of a roof are dents. If the hailstones were wind driven, the dents may be deeper on one side of the home's gutters compared to the other sides. In addition to the dents in the interior face and exterior side of the gutters, the gutter hangers may also have dents from the hailstones. The pits are usually bowl shaped and spread consistently across the metal surfaces of each hanger and section of gutter.

Although small dents on the gutters do not affect their performance, dents that occur at the opening with the downspout may increase the gutter's risk of developing clogs and obstructions.

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Large dents may cause water to pool in the gutter's trough rather than draining. In some cases, experienced roofers may be able to hammer out the dents with a rubber mallet. This can improve the appearance of the exterior side of the gutters.

Another sign of hail damaged gutters is sudden sagging of one or more sections of gutter. Homeowners may notice that the gutter system is pulling away from the exterior of the home. This situation is common when a large amount of hail falls or when the hailstones are greater than one inch in diameter. The weight and speed of the hailstones may be more than gutters fastened with spikes can support. As a result, the spikes may shift out of their position in the roof's fascia and sag as a result.

If the hailstorm included heavy rains and wind, these adverse conditions could cause the spikes to pull out of the wooden boards entirely, causing complete pieces of the gutter to fall off the sides of the roof. In this situation, a repair might not be possible. Most roofing companies will work with the homeowner's insurance agency to get replacement gutters installed in the aftermath of severe weather events. Replacing severely damaged gutters should be done as quickly as possible, as homes without rain gutters might develop water damage around the exterior walls, basement and foundation.

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