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Insulating a home is an important step in making the residence greener and environmentally friendly. With so many different options for insulation, making a choice can be a challenge, especially if a homeowner would like materials that conserve the Earth's resources. With professional assistance from a Grand Rapids roofing service, homeowners can learn about green insulation materials and how they help roofs last longer.

One popular ecologically friendly type of insulation is blown in cellulose. This comes from 100 percent recycled newsprint and is treated with borates to enhance its resistance to insects and their eggs and larvae. The cellulose is also treated to be fire resistant. In addition to its post consumer waste content, this type of insulation is free of formaldehyde, asbestos and ammonium sulfate. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that when installed by professional roofers and insulation specialists, it is resistant to infestations of cockroaches, ants, termites, earwigs and other insects that have the potential to eat through a roof's wooden substructure and other parts.

Another option for green insulation is polyisocyanurate. This product, often referred to as polyiso, is made of a rigid backing and has R values of 6.0 and higher. It can be faced with aluminum in order to create a water vapor and moisture barrier, making it a wise choice for Michigan homes as it helps to protect against leaks caused by ice dams and melting snow.

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Due to its rigidity, this material is a great option for attic ceilings, walls and floors, especially if the space is to remain unfinished.

Property owners could also select 100 percent recycled cotton fibers. Made out of recycled denim blue jeans, this insulation is treated with borates for insect resistance and is easy for professionals to install. It has the benefits of being lightweight and free of allergens. While recycled cotton might seem like an innovative material, such products have actually been in use for hundreds of years. Early American settlers used old, worn out clothing to help keep their roofs free of leaks and drafts during cold wintertime weather. The insect prevention treatment is the only real change to this proven material.

An old but green insulation for roofing systems is recycled newspaper fiber boards. The paper is shredded, turned into pulp and embedded with waxes and resins to create a water resistant surface. This material is also treated with copper metaborate, which gives it resistance to infestations of carpenter ants, termites and fungi. The fiberboards also make a good acoustic insulator, which is desirable under metal roofing.

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