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Discovering clumps of green plant life growing on a roof isn't something to take lightly. Moss is a small flowerless organism that readily grows on roof shingles during warm, humid weather. Most homeowners find moss thriving on the northern edges of their roof because it's less exposed to sunshine. Like a sponge, moss will collect rainwater and eventually soak through the roof's underlayment. This can severely hinder roof longevity by resulting in mold growth and structural damage. When owners first spot these tiny spores growing, several steps should be taken to eliminate moss before it spreads.

If the roof is already in poor shape, turning to a qualified Grand Rapids roofing company to replace the shingles may be the most effective. Premium roofing materials often now have moss inhibitors that are lethal to plant growth. Certain asphalt shingles can be equipped with copper granules to discourage moss from laying its roots too. Having strips of zinc or copper flashing installed near the roof peak is recommended. Whenever it rains, the metal molecules will wash down the shingles to disrupt the moss growth cycle.

When the problem isn't severe enough to warrant replacement, homeowners can wash the roof's surface using safe chemicals on the market.

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For a less expensive option, it's possible to kill moss using homemade acidic solutions. Homeowners can dilute vinegar or lemon juice with water and spray it onto the roof's surface, making certain the acidic mixture isn't too strong to avoid erosion on the shingles. The next step is to rinse the entire roof and surrounding plants with pure water afterwards for protection. It's important to avoid spraying water at an upward angle so that leaks won't occur.

Manually removing the moss is another choice, but homeowners should tread carefully using a long handled brush or broom to gently scrape off the layer of moss growth. It's best to apply a light hand in brushing off the moss because excessive force could cause damage. Pressure washing isn't recommended because powerful jets of water can remove granules that safeguard the roof's shingles. For those not keen on climbing a ladder, hiring a reputable roofer to clear moss can be worth the investment in preventing decay.

Because moss grows best in shady spots, the final resolution is to clear away overhanging tree limbs and branches. Trimming can allow more sunshine to penetrate to the roof's surface and put a damper on the moss growth. Moss is more than a cosmetic problem that must be treated quickly to avert further harm to the roof's structural integrity.

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