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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Common Residential Roofing Shapes

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First time homeowners who plan to optimize the structure of their roof should learn about the available options including flat, hip and saltbox styles. Each roofing system comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Homeowners may want to find out the most beneficial option for the long term. Grand Rapids roofing professionals can help homeowners with a variety of structural installations. While some structures may be more common and easy to install, homeowners should not be deterred if they have a particular vision in mind.

One of the easiest rooftops to identify is the flat roof. This is a roof that has a very low pitch, and it is usually entirely horizontal. These systems are the easiest to construct, compared to all other types of roofs. They are much safer to stand on when homeowners need to perform maintenance, and they are generally more accessible for future rooftop additions. However, the flat shape of this system means that it will be easier for debris and dirt to collect, which implies that it will require more maintenance in the future.

The gambrel roof is another popular option. This system is very similar to Mansard roofs, though there are a few key differences. This rooftop is inspired by Dutch elements and it is made up of four slopes with two set on each side of the house.

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The lower slopes usually will be much steeper than the upper slopes, and it is common for homeowners to utilize these systems for their space advantages in the attic.

Homeowners may also choose to invest in a hip roof. This roofing system is similar to a bonnet roof. The main difference is that all four sides of this roof meet at a flat ridge. They do not come to a point at the top, and this helps to enhance the practicality of the roof itself. Many homeowners value this roof because of how versatile installations can be as the flat surface can allow future additions while still providing the home with ample space.

Finally, homeowners may choose to invest in a saltbox roof. This is a particularly interesting roof shape because it is asymmetrical with one long side and one short side. Usually, the long side will slope down to another section of the home to give it coverage such as the garage. This results in more attic space along the two section of the home where the roof is set up.

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