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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Best Roofing Materials For Warm Climates

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Anyone who lives in a warm climate is well aware that the interior of the home can easily become too hot during the spring and summer seasons. The roof has a large influence on the interior temperature of buildings and can often determine how comfortable the space is for residents. Those who have roofs that attract too much heat often rely too much on their HVAC system. To reduce the home's energy usage and prevent cool air from escaping, there are a few roofing materials to consider.

Clay tiles are the most expensive option and are used throughout the world due to its high solar reflectance. Their shape and composition allow them to keep buildings cool throughout the day and prevent them from absorbing as much heat compared to homes that have dark roofs.

Metal roofs are known to have a high solar reflectance, which prevents heat from absorbing into the home when the outside temperatures are high. Although this type of material can cost as much as $600 per square foot, with the help of Grand Rapids roofing professionals, it can reduce the amount of energy that is used for homeowners for several decades.

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Slate tile is also a great option for when it's time to reroof the structure. Since the 17th century, slate tile has a natural shade to the material, which prevents as much heat from being absorbed through the roof. Fortunately, it has widespread availability and has a beautiful appearance that complements most styles of homes.

Concrete tiles are another option for their ability to stay cool for long periods of time. It often takes a significant amount of time to heat concrete tiles and is more affordable than metal or slate. If homeowners are choosing this type of material for their property, it's crucial to follow different codes for their region to abide by environmental conditions.

Those who want an affordable roofing material that is quick to install can choose rubber membranes, which are considered to be a cool technology for buildings. It is lightweight and has a thermoplastic covering to prevent heat absorption. Although rubber is known to be black, lighter white shades are available to prevent as much heat from being attracted to the building. This also works to enhance the aesthetics of the exterior property and prevent the home from becoming an eyesore due to the roof's appearance. Professional roofers also consider them to be good foundation layers for green roofing options.

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