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Grand Rapids Roofing: Article About Best Roof Options For Harsh Climates

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Homeowners that live in areas where extreme weather events are common will want to choose a roof that can hold up to those conditions. Not all roofing products can withstand heavy wind, hail, rain and snow. Choosing the right product can make a difference when it comes to repairs and a roof's longevity. Therefore, a homeowner should always discuss the various options with a local Grand Rapids roofing expert before making the final decision. A professional contractor can walk the homeowner through the various options and explain why certain materials are better than others.

For example, although metal roofing costs more than other choices, metal roofing comes with extremely high ratings for fire resistance and has been proven to stand up well against hurricanes and hail. In addition, metal's waterproof characteristics eliminate the problems that result from asphalt's tendency to absorb moisture. Metal roofing is also efficient at cutting energy costs in the winter. Its slick surface improves the roof's ability to shed snow as well.

Homeowners may consider rubber roofing as another pertinent option. Rubber shingles come in a variety of styles and colors that imitate the look of slate, shake, tile and asphalt shingles. Often coated with a finely crushed rock to enhance their beauty and longevity, these interlocking shingles are environmentally friendly as well as durable.

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Made from recycled tires, nylon, fiberglass, polyester and other materials, they resist rotting and are designed to combat mold. They also don't absorb moisture like asphalt shingles do.

Composite polymer tiles, in addition, resemble wood shingles due to the addition of natural wood fibers in their construction. In addition, the manufacturing process enables the tiles to look like authentic cedar once installed. They make a good choice for areas prone to harsh weather conditions, since the cellulose fibers enable the tiles to resist cracking. These tiles won't peel, rot or blister, even in extreme temperatures. Unlike real shake, they also won't absorb moisture, which makes them perfect for wet climates.

In climates that receive a lot of snow, a homeowner also needs to think about the load that heavy or extended snowfall will place on the roof. Slate and tile roofing itself is heavy. A professional roofer might need to reinforce the foundation of the roof so it can shoulder the weight, especially if snow tends to stick around for weeks at a time. Discussing the options with an expert can help avoid costly problems later on.

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