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Many types of roofing materials are available, and each one might feature its own set of benefits. For example, green roofs are environmentally friendly and can improve solar reflectance, which helps to lower a homeowner's energy consumption. Cool roofs are a great option in homes that are located in hot climates because they are designed to reflect heat and sunlight away from the home and back into the atmosphere, resulting in lower electric bills. A steel roof features many attractive benefits because the material is recyclable and is known for its ability to withstand damage from inclement weather.

Homeowners who are interested in learning about all the ways they could benefit from installing this popular product are encouraged to contact a Grand Rapids roofing specialist, who can offer a detailed overview about estimated costs and additional benefits associated with choosing a steel roof. Here is a basic overview of steps a roofing contractor might take when installing a new steel roof.

The first thing roofing contractors will do before beginning the installation is to take extensive measurements of the entire existing roof, including everything between the ridge and eaves.

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They will factor in the amount of ideal overhang, which is an excellent way to protect the exterior siding from experiencing damage from the elements. Steel roofing materials often come in panels, which makes them easier to install.

Before roofing contractors begin installing the panels, they can add extra insulation by adding a radiant barrier layer to the existing shingles. After this step is completed, they will install batten boards, which help to secure the panels to the roof. Before the panels are actually put in place, the contractors will install eave flashing and closure strips, which create a watertight seal between any gaps underneath the steel panels. This step is extremely important because insects love to nest in these areas.

Finally, the contractors will begin to install each individual steel panel onto the batten board, followed by the gable trims, which create a smooth appearance on the edges of the roof. The last step the contractors will take is to install the ridge cap, which helps reflect water away from the surface of the roof.

Any type of roof installation requires attention to detail in order for it to be properly installed and ventilated. Good roofing contractors understand how important each step of the process is and that each component of the roof works in conjunction with the others to increase longevity.

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