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In colder climates, having adequate insulation installed in a home's attic will help the roof resist the formation of ice dams. However, if the insulation isn't installed correctly, or if it has become matted due to moisture, it won't work efficiently. Insulation must stop air flow. There cannot be gaps or pockets of air around windows, doors or pipes. Insulation must also fit snugly up against any wires.

For that reason, it's often best for homeowners to contact a Grand Rapids roofing company to inspect the current insulation and make recommendations on how to improve its effectiveness. Roofing experts will have the special clothing and protective gear to keep themselves from inhaling the materials.

Insulation comes in different types. Although the goal is always to make the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, thus saving on energy costs, certain types of insulation work better than others. For example, rolls of fluffy fiberglass are best used when covering lengthy spaces of a wall or ceiling where there are no obstructions. The rolls can be cut to fit into a certain shape or cavity, but they must fit snugly without accidentally compressing the fiberglass to avoid air leaks.

Batting is similar to rolls. It comes in panels already cut in standard widths, made to fit within a home's traditional wood framing.

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For attics, batting insulation normally comes with an outer facing made of paper that acts as a vapor retardant. This type of insulation is attached to the frame by stapling the batting through the flanges. It's important that the insulation fit securely, since poor workmanship can result in small gaps that can cut the efficiency of the product by as much as 25 percent. Plain batting without the facing is normally squeezed into place and held there by friction alone.

Blown in insulation often improves performance since it can fill in gaps, awkward spaces and areas around any wiring. Products that are blown in also don't settle and mat as quickly as traditional insulation products do. In its loose fill form, insulation made of fiberglass strands or cellulose is blown into the attic or crawl space by a machine. They are quite popular with homeowners due to their resistance to mildew, mold and moisture. Spray foam is another product that is gaining popularity. It expands on contact and easily fills in cracks or hard to reach places. Strengthening walls as well as the roof, its moisture proof barrier makes an excellent solution to ice dams in cold weather.

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