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Basements are widely popular among many homeowners. These areas are usually much cooler during the summer and have the potential to be more comfortable during the winter thanks to the natural insulation of surrounding dirt. A good gutter system, in addition to durable roofing materials, however, complements the conditions of a basement's infrastructure. Water damage could deteriorate the cement walls and cause cracks and other problems. Many homeowners will trust a Grand Rapids roofing specialist to finish their basements because these professionals understand the importance of a proper roof and gutter system.

When water is allowed to fall freely from the roof, it collects near the base of the home. Depending how deeply the basement has been placed into the ground during the building's initial construction, the outer cement areas could be subjected to moisture for longer periods of time. During this time, the outer walls of the cement are essentially submerged in this water until it evaporates or continues soaking downward. This water can then begin to eat away at the surface of the cement. These conditions can persist for years without the homeowner's knowledge.

Freezing can be another complication that can cause damage to cement walls and footings. When water freezes, it expands. If there is a small crack or hole in the cement, repeated freezing will slowly begin to widen the compromised area.

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Eventually, the water will break through the cement barrier and begin leaking into the basement. This could cause everything from rotting inner drywall to ruined carpets and floor coverings.

Making sure the gutter is in perfect working order is of great importance to those looking to keep their basements intact throughout the years. This involves proper cleaning, repairs of fractured areas and ensuring that all sections are properly fastened together. Debris and organic material can accumulate within the structure. The purpose of the gutter is to move water from the roof, down a canal and through a drain spout that faces away from the home. Any problems within the gutter could lead to eventual damage of the basement structure.

Faulty gutters are not the only method in which water can begin to seep into the basement. Holes or cracks in the roof can also lead to leaks in the lower levels of the home. Gravity is constantly pulling the water down throughout the structure. If it can follow a path down, it could eventually begin to pool in the lower areas of the house.

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