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When customers need the best roofers to help with their roofing situation, it is strongly recommended for them to contact this roofing company in Grand Rapids. These capable roofers will help perform all of the necessary work as efficiently as possible.

Knowledgeable roofers
  • All of the Grand Rapids roofing contractors that work with this group focus on providing their clients with the most efficient work available. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful, capable of analyzing just about all roofing problems to help guarantee the best possible solution.
  • Each roofer is fully licensed and insured with all documentation available upon request. Customers will be able to rest easy when they know that their installations and replacements are being handled by capable roofers who have a great deal of experience working in the field.
Top quality installations by one of the best roofing companies
  • All of the work that these roofing contractors perform is guaranteed to be careful and efficient. They focus on quality results, no matter what the existing damage may be.
  • This Grand Rapids roofing company can provide homeowners with all types of services. No matter if they are looking for gutter cleanups or general roofing system replacements, every roofer will be able to help.
  • The professionals take care of the customer's property from the beginning of the installation to its end. They make sure that all of the surrounding area is properly protected before they begin, and they make sure to clean up the site after they have finished.
  • If the customer has never retained the company for a specific service before, the company's highly skilled Grand Rapids specialists will be more than happy to provide them with valuable information on what the installation will entail. All of the professionals make sure to be polite and courteous for peace

Have a question regarding gutters, windows, insulation or bathroom remodeling? Please ask a roofing contractor from Infinity Home Improvement of Grand Rapids MI today.

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Infinity Home Improvement : Helped me install new flashing!

When I noticed that there was a problem with my flashing, I knew I needed help. As soon as I called this Grand Rapids roofing company, they were able to help me install new flashing. My roof doesn't leak anymore, and I don't have to worry about my rafters wearing down!

5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Choosing the right shingles

What many homeowners in Grand Rapids do not realize is that not all shingles will work right for all roofing systems. There are many different roofing forms and shapes that can have an effect on the final installation. Grand Rapids roofing contractors always make sure to assess the client's needs before they finalize any installations. Homeowners may choose between slate tiles, wood shakes, metal sheets and standard asphalt shingle installations for their homes. Some individuals may even choose to invest in clay options in order to give their property a more classic look. No matter what, the experts that work with this group make sure to provide their clients with the most complete services that they can. If the client is not sure about the products that they want installed on their roofing systems, the roofing contractors can help them by planning ahead with the right materials.

High quality work for all procedures, one of the top roofing companies in the area.

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Infinity Home Improvement provides services including roofing, windows, gutters, insulation and bathroom remodeling in Grand Rapids MI and these areas:

  • Wyoming
  • Kentwood
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Infinity Home Improvement
Great job done

Gutters installed very well. The installers were very knowledgeable and did a good job.

5 star rating
Overall Experience 5/5
December 03, 2015
  • Infinity Home Improvement comment:

    Thank you Barb! Gutter installation is much more complicated than most people think and that’s why our team is here to help! Glad to hear you are happy with our services!

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Infinity Home Improvement
Great service

We were originally given a date sooner than what the crew was available for. Other than that, everything went very smoothly.

4 star rating
Overall Experience 4/5
August 07, 2015
  • Infinity Home Improvement comment:

    Thank you Jeff! You have a beautiful home!

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